Control Fixtures

Design + Manufacturing + Certification 3D

We design according to your drawings or with a sample fulfilling your specific request.
All these Data are represented on a measurement certificate in order to prove that what you get is what you have requested for variable or attributive check method can be improved on our gauges.


Fixtures & Fittings.

EDMAN SPAIN S.L. can provide you any component that you require in your production.
We work with low volume production according to drawings or from a sample.
Our main GOAL is to satisfy the needs of our costumer.

About us

Modeldis S.L. is an engineering company, specializing in the design, manufacture
and calibration of Bend Check Fixtures primarily for AUTOMOTIVE AERONAUTICS,

Since 1997 we have acquired huge experience providing CONTROL DEVICES for Air
conditioning, Power Steering, Oil and Brakes, Flexible Tubes, Exhausts, Stamped Parts
for the main OEM suppliers and constructors.

Modeldis S.L. is CERTIFIED by AENOR according to norm UNE-EN-ISO-90001:2001

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